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Staff Application

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    Apply for , Moderator, GFX, Account Poster, Hackers

    This is official thread of recruitment , you can apply for any specific user-group in which you must be good


    Profit: Respected user rank in one of the best carding forum on net which is CardingMafia and Monthly Salary of $50

    Rank and their Responsibility:


    1: Atleast 6-7 hours daily activity ( we will monitor activity )
    2: Must know how to use vbulletin moderator panel
    3: Must stop spammers and un usual posts
    4: Monthly salary $50

    Graphics Designer:

    1: Must be best in graphics skills
    2: daily 4 hours activity
    3: Must complete all forum graphics and users request
    4: Monthly salary $50

    Accounts posters:

    1: Daily 4 hours activity
    2: Daily posting of premium accounts like megaupload , porn accounts , rapidhshare etc
    3: Must not copy other forum accounts here , and posting only working and new accounts
    4: Monthly salary $50


    1: Must be good in website hacking
    2: Should deface website with our forum name on it
    4: Monthly salary $50
    CardingMafia Admin giving HOT Offers

    2 : shipping Laptops for $300

    3 : Doing western union transfer

    4 : Bank transfer , ccv , Dumps , tracks , rdp ,smtp , and many more items at wholesale price

    CONTACT and ICQ : 350048191 and jabber :

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    I'm new and wanna know more

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    Hello I'm new here were can i post for newbies

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    I'd like to learn HACKING of databases and credit Cards as well as ATM..who is ready to teach me?

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    If this is still up, Im looking to apply as GFX designer. Have experience with; Logos, Banners, Signatures, Badges, Modeling. As well, have beated a few security filters out there that request you sending a picture of the credit/debit card. Good at modifying stuff on PS.

    If you require examples of my work, let me know. I can be available from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm PST.

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    is your classes still available?

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    Is this forum still alive or just another scam forum with all posts by moderators? Just curious Thanks

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